In 2013 I journeyed to Pun, Lordeaux Saint-Pierre, France in the name of word-play as my alter-ego Foxy Moron. I did not realise at the time I was moving through grief and exhaustion and using humour as a method of dissociation. I now realise how important this trip was for establishing and exploring my mistrust of language and consolidating it as non-fixed, embodying the living referent, and playing out some past life colonial francophone frequencies.

In 2014 I journeyed to Le Calembour, Rome, Italy, a restaurant which translates as ‘Pun’ where I had multiple ‘dates’ and conversations about language and where performed my iPod/iPhone Serenades. Tinder was new technology and I wanted to explore this as a tool to continue my hardcore punning. With hindsight, this was a strange trip where I took the joke too far and the punning became punitive in terms of leading me to experience much misogyny and racism as a solo traveller who had not yet fully begun to decolonise myself.