Ether-real Arias: Owed to Orpheus


A live audio-visual enactment of a text I wrote on the myth of Orpheus. I perform the etymology of two contemporary Orphic songs;

I (Fire) uses the opening bass line from Arcade Fire’s Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) (2013), II (Ocean) uses the opening string motif of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin Bout You (2012). These live-sampled references are the point of departure for each “cover”. A video of my (accelerated) Google searches on Orpheus provides the visual backdrop. I improvise the layers of each track.

The two tracks are symbiotic – I  (Fire) broadly represents the journey to and descent into the underworld

II (Ocean) broadly represents the ascent to the upperworld and/or beyond.

I am enacting a sonic and visual representation of my research. I use my voice, viola, (etherwave) theremin and loop pedals to construct the soundscape.

I want to perform the connection between image, music and text. I want to activate my research as performance outside the institution and outside of its boundaries, which language dictates. Categorisation, as useful and necessary as it is, excludes; when boundaries are blurred, freedom can occur, freedom of thought and experience in real time and space through live performance.

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