Owed to (C)ode

Owed to (C)ode is a self-referential video (and live performance) exploring and questioning the notion of an original and the tensions between image, text and music.

Owed to (C)ode originates from documentation of my performance High Art (iPhone Serenade) in the Apple Store, Rome, (August 2014) in which I serenade the iProp I constructed; – a piece of glass cut to the exact dimensions of an iPhone 5 covered in black and silver mirror film (dressed in an iPhone 5 case). I sang to the device in Italian. I transfigure a still image of the performance documentation from the file format .png (image) to .txt (text). I “translate” the images underlying code into phonetic Italian in a Microsoft Word document. I sing this code-libretto as a soundtrack to the video. I then drop this translation back into the .txt file and change the fusion of texts back into an image (.jpeg). The interference of the libretto causes the image to split apart, to dismember.



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