Taxi for Two*

Taxi for Two

* In 2024 I realise how problematic this performance was. I’m keeping it here for archival reasons as I think about how to frame it within my early practice, as opposed to omitting it completely…HCJ

Taxi for Two Goldsmiths 2012 (collaboration with Umi Baden-Powell)

After sourcing and freezing road kill for months prior to the event, Baden-Powell and I each skinned a fox. I am Foxy Moron and Baden-Powell’s practice is evocative of the urban fox, we had the intention of using the furs we acquired for future works.

The performance lasted 2 hours. Some audience members remained throughout. This was an attempt to understand the reality of processes – if Foxy Moron is going to wear real fur, she must go through the experience of skinning.

Unfortunately, the furs were lost, presumed destroyed.

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