Pun Pilgrimage is a pilgrimage to Pun. Pun is a place in central France.

Puns are word play – a meeting of imagination and humour.

Puns allow for the simultaneous implication of multiple meanings.

Puns allow me to efficiently express the content of my artistic performances, to exist as a visual and (throughout the duration of the performance) living pun.

Life is too serious. Art is too serious. I want to take the joke too far. To Pun.

I travelled to Pun, Lourdoueix-Saint-Pierre, France on August 1st 2013 in order to perform my repertoire of punning performances.

I took the Eurostar to Paris, then drove a rented car to Pun. My best efforts were made to obtain a  Fiat Punto to drive to Pun, but unfortunatley this could not be arranged.

A pilgrimage is a journey to a place of significance for the traveller. Pun is significant in its semantic, grammatical and literary significance to myself and my artwork.

All my titles are puns. Puns evoke a way of thinking which I intend to exude – the idea of possibility – the way puns incongruously signify opposing meanings, images and spark the imagination. This is essentially the way I look at art; to have the ability to see all perspectives, to oscillate between sense and nonsense, literal meaning and metaphysical or even pataphysical entities.

Pun Pilgrimage is an investigation into the significance of becoming a pun – punbecoming – the act of living out the title, merging language and action.

Pun is more than just some antics. (John Pollack’s The Pun Also Rises – ‘…puns will always be more than some antics.’)


To Pun Punto


Punto to Pun




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