Rome Alone (?): Day 3

Today I had a date scheduled with Leonardo. Just before the time of our date, he texted me to say he could not make it.

I had been stood up. So I sat down and ate lunch. But I was not alone…
I contacted a friend in England who I had been discussing Rome Alone(?) with. James was fortunately available to Skype me. I had minimal battery on my laptop and no autonomous video camera. I left iMovie capturing me whilst Skyping James. I also filmed the screen of the laptop with the iPhone in order to capture his image.
Today was fascinating for me to have to use my devices in order to survive the social construct of the date at Calembour; I was able to create company – conversation – and represent it – documentation, through technology. Although I was physically alone, I was engaging with James. This  date is similar to  Day 1; I was sat at a table with a laptop opposite me, but it was entirely different because there was a dialogue. I was activated by James’ image and his mental presence.
With thanks to James for his time and energy.
The puns James made:
My imagined architectural Stravinsky:

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