Screening is a document displaying the history of my performative insistence on the recasting of Orpheus’ beloved and deceased Eurydice as a broken Apple device.

In 2011 I performed Che Faro Senza Euridice? in the Apple Store Covent Garden to a broken iPod. I re-enacted this scenario in Apple Stores in Paris (Opera 2013) and New York (Upper West Side 2013). In Rome 2014 I performed another Orphic aria – Gluck’s Chiamo il mio ben cosi? (Objet de mon amour) to an object I constructed – the iProp. A discussion with the genius followed about the global obsession with phones.

In 2015 I performed the role of Eurydice by constructing a giant iPhone costume smuggled it into the Apple Store (Covent Garden, London) and performed wearing it. Through my rigorous research and intimate relationship with the Orpheus myth, I realized the necessity to give Eurydice a voice. Using Margaret Atwood’s Orpheus (1) I constructed libretto, I sang (improvised the pitch) Eurydice’s point of view capitalizing on the language similarities between lost loved ones and broken phones – we are in love with our devices. I perform this absurdity. I screened the document to an audience in my installation week at Goldsmiths’ Studio A (Acts IX- V). I sang the Atwood libretto in Italian as a way of communicating and continuing the dialogue with my previous renditions of Orphic arias.



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