Rome Alone (?)

I am seeking males, and/or females, to accompany me on a date to Calembour.

Calembour is a restaurant in Rome. Calembour translates as French for pun (le calembour). Pun is a place in central France. The word ‘pun’ in the English language is the umbrella term for wordplay.

In August 2013 I went on a pilgrimage to Pun to perform my punning repertoire of performance art (Pun Pilgrimage).  If you are an open-minded multi-lingual (– a confident grasp of English Italian and French is required) male or female, I want to take you for lunch at Calembour (restaurant) and discuss notions of language and geography (space and place). If you currently reside in London I will fly you to Rome in August. If you live in Rome – I will meet you there (in August).

I hope to diffuse the essential hypocrisy of Pun Pilgrimage – although my performative adventure functions successfully in its existence as documentation in the English speaking world, my time in Pun was flawed by the fact I was alone – no other could appreciate the linguistic gestures I was making in the moment of live performance.

I am curious to find out whether I will successfully engage with mystery multi-linguals or whether I will be in Rome alone. I want to continue to take the joke too far.

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