Test Card F(oxymoron)

Test Card F(oxymoron) 2012 Goldsmiths, 2013 video work.

I sit, stationary, dressed as the Test Card F girl Carol Hersee. This nostalgic image used to appear on UK TV whilst programs were off air – before TV was 24 hours. I performed this on April 27th, the day analogue TV was switched over to digital as a homage.

I performed Test Card F(oxymoron) as part of RELAY – a public commission I undertook in the form of a stage I designed and built outside Goldsmiths Library, New Cross.  RELAY was a 12-hour performance event which I organised, curated, directed and performed in, alongside a rich mix of performers of Goldsmiths and ex-goldsmiths students and a variety of performers from South East London.

I used the TCF performance if there was an act that required a long time to set up or if an act was late – a reference to the fact this was a live event with set changes and potential technical problems (of which there were many!).  My assistant for the event,  artist Carrol Wilson, provided the monotone “beeeeeeeeeeeep” which accompanied the image when used on TV.

Test Card F(oxymoron)



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