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Opera(tion) Skype March 2013 London/Sweden

A live performance via Skype. I sing Una donna a quindici anni from Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte and the preceding libretto.

I was essentially hired as an undercover opera singer by two Swedish artists (who wish to remain anonymous) to further communication between two other Swedish artists. I performed the aria with no other verbal communication.

Through this performance, I have been embroiled in their artistic practice in a way that is out of my control; the aftermath of the performance is still unfolding.

I offer my service to any individual, artist or otherwise: the performative format of hijacking a Skype meeting. If you would like to purchase Opera(tion) Skype as a gift please contact me for the available arias and details of the hijacking procedure. If you would like a specific aria to be performed, please give me 6 weeks notice to learn it.

Opera(tion) Skype is £20 and includes documentation of the performance (video and stills).



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