Rome Alone (?): Day 6

Today I rested and recovered from the intensity of Rome Alone(?). I listened to my favourite opera, Puccini’s Tosca. I visited Sant’Andrea della Valle, a basilica church in Rome in which Act I of Tocsca is set. I was totally overwhelmed by the spectacular interior and by a sense of site-significance; here I am, in Rome, Italy, visiting the “set” of Tosca. I rushed back to the apartment and prepared to perform Vissi d’Arte – an aria Floria Tosca sings in Act II as she contemplates the fate of her lover, the painter Mario Cavaradossi.

I performed on the roof of the apartment. As I sang to the iPhone, overlooking Rome, under a full moon I contemplated my love affair with the device. The device allows me to be connected to loved ones. I was celebrating this whilst singing. I felt exhausted and very emotional today. I spoke to my loved ones and was invigorated. I performed on the roof today fuelled by the energy this contact provided me with. I performed for the camera. I performed for the unknown ears of nearby Romans. I performed for the pure joy of it.
I was hugely satisfied by the sense of punbecoming I felt during High (Vissi d’)Arte: iPhone Serenade. Never has High Art been so high! Top of the world. Over the moon.

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