High/Upper (West Side) Class Art: (iPod Serenade)

Whilst in New York giving the talk Foxy Moron presents: Pun Pilgrimage,  I performed High Art (iPod Serenade) at the Apple Store on the Upper West Side. I chose to perform at this particular Apple Store in order to exploit the vocabulary surrounding the concept of height in the title of the performance and the connotations of height in the site of Upper West Side, much like I did with selecting the Opera Apple Store, Paris, for is resonance with the operatic content of the performance. I am attempting to create an ambient harmony of language, action and site.

This was my third performance in Apple Stores across the globe. I am fascinated by the different response of the genius in each city: in Covent Garden, London, the genius was awkward, he shared his awkwardness with his colleague and both walked away. In Opera, Paris, the genius instructed me to lower the volume and observed me from a distance. At the Upper West Side, New York, the genius stood and listened to the entire aria after which she continued to advise me on the best iPod for my lifestyle.

My next stop will be Rome. I am curious to find out how the Italians react to the performance, particularly as the aria is in their mother tongue: this will reveal the affects and effects of literal understanding; something which has been lacking in all the High Art (iPod Serenade)s thus far.


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