Scarborough Fair(play)

Scarborough Fair(play)3

Scarborough Fair(play) April 2013 – Surface Gallery – Nottingham

A live performance of the traditional English ballad Scarborough Fair. I duet with my pre-recorded self played on the TV in front of me. I do not break eye contact with my TV self. When I have completed a recital of the song, I press play and repeat the vocal duet.

This performance was conceived for Lisa Selby’s solo show With and Without at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, April 2013. I wanted to create a performance sympathetic to her work. I wanted to confront the audience with an image, atmosphere and soundscape of (almost child-like) domesticity and nostalgia. These ideas inform the choice of song; a departure from my usual operatic renditions.

Scarborough Fair(play)

Scarborough Fair(play)2



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