(Sittin on) the Dock of Ebay

I am auctioning my performances on ebay. This is an action to investigate how much I can earn and how far this method can can take me; who will I meet? Where will I end up? What experiences will I have? It is an artistic exploration of modes of consumerism for the contemporary performance artist.

It is simple. I need money. To pay off all my debts for my education.

Otis Redding’s song reflects the condition of this act. Waiting and anticipation, will anyone bid? Time rolling on without the link being established between art and money. It is quite a depressing reality. It is a rare thing to earn directly from ones art, especially if this art is performance based.

It is this depressing, and somehow exciting, reality which has lead me to sell myself. I await my judgement of monetary value.

Sex Cymbals on ebay

Opera(tion) Skype on ebay

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